How To Check For Bugs On Your Christmas Tree

How To Check For Bugs On Your Christmas Tree

With the holiday seasons come all sorts of guests, wanted and..well..less than desired. This time, we aren't talking about tipsy Uncle Bob or too-many-questions Aunt Rose. We're talking about 6 to 8 legged buggers on your Christmas tree.

With a freshly cut, tingle-inducing tree, comes the potential for hundreds of unexpected guests. These trees were just in the ground a day ago, remember?

Here are our top tips for keeping your beautiful tree bug-free this holiday season:

Shake Your Tree

Before buying your Christmas tree, we recommend giving it a good shake. Not only does this remove any bugs, but it also clears off any dead pine needles. Luckily, most lots and farms are handling this for you with fancy mechanical equipment. But, if you have any holiday frustration building up, here's your outlet — shake it off. 

Keep It In The Garage

If you have one, we recommend storing your Christmas tree in the garage for at least 72 hours. This lets any straggling bugs start moving around and gives you an opportunity to put on your detective hat and magnifying glass to check for any bugs. Look closely at the trunk and underside of branches. 

Get The Vac

Vacuums are not only handy for doing away with those pokey pine needles, but any bugs you'd rather not touch. Some bugs, like aphids and spider mites, also stain when squashed so a vacuum with a hose is your best bet.


Okay, listen up. Most insecticide aerosols are a no-go to use near Christmas trees. That's because the ingredients and propellants are flammable. Luckily, Society's Multi Insect Killer is pressurized by air instead of harmful and flammable VOC's. So you are good to go if you need to kill off a few bugs near the tree. Of course, read all instructions prior to use and please use as directed. 

Get Society Multi Insect Killer for $5.00

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