Society Team Share Their Tips For Staying Productive While WFH

Society Team Share Their Tips For Staying Productive While WFH

As a small team and company that is still growing, we know a thing or two about working from home. We know many of you have now temporarily been thrown into the WFH life, and we wanted to share our top 10 tips that we’ve learned through the years.

1. Bed does not equal desk.

As best as your space allows, keep your bedspace separate from your workspace. Best case scenario is an office or makeshift dining table takeover. But for those in tight spaces, a table in the farthest corner away from the bed facing a different direction, works too.

2. Drink water, eat food.

Probably a no brainer, but stay hydrated. We like setting up our workstation every morning with a water, our breakfast, and a little bowl of something snacky to keep our feet from walking to the fridge every 25 minutes. Favorite picks for work snacks are granola, nuts, hummus, and hardboiled eggs. 

3. Take breaks.

We like following a modified Pomodoro method, with 5 minute breaks every 15 minutes for long and arduous tasks. The modified part is when you really get into a project, take a break after finishing the task.

4. Maintain your morning routine.

We found that going through the motions of changing from your PJ’s, freshening up, and making our cup of coffee gets us in work mode just like going to an office.

5. Get listy with separate to-do lists.

Our magical formula is keeping one to-do list for work, one for home. This lets you compartmentalize your day, and keep the pile of laundry from infringing on your priority report due at EOD.

6. Accept distractions 

The doorbell, the kids, the dog, the partner — all very valid distractions that will happen, especially in the beginning. Be forgiving when they happen and accepting that after a distraction, it may take longer to restart a task.

7. Take walks after eating meals.

It’s easy to turn your afternoon into a sluggish one after too big of a plate of yesterday’s dinner leftovers. We like taking the dog for a walk after lunch in order to get the digestion going.

8. Find a note taking system that works best for you.

We’re big fans of post-its, with one per lightbulb moment. At a certain point, your desk will be a flurry of post-it notes. Once you hit the threshold of one post-it note too many, you’ll review all of them and start tossing out the “done” notes. It’s a great very physical way to refresh what you still need to do or remember!

9. No slob zone.

Keep your home clean. When your floors are free of dust bunnies and counters free of gunk, being confined to your home is not too shabby of a gig. This may be a light cleanup after dinner, or a full day of buddy-buddy time with the vacuum and mop.

10. Don’t hermit.

Stay in contact with friends and family. When working from home, you lose out on many social aspects of an office, whether that be watercooler talk with your coworkers or chatting up with the barista at your favorite cafe. It’s important to keep in touch. Not just through text either (would it kill you to make a personal phone call every now and then). And who knows, your friends are probably going through the same WFH ordeal.

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