The Best Ways To Check For Bed Bugs In Hotels

The Best Ways To Check For Bed Bugs In Hotels

The last thing anyone wants on a trip is to come back with nightmares of bed bugs. It's a little known fact that even if you triple-check your accommodations for bed bugs, these guys can still come along for the ride — hitchhiking on and in your suitcases or hiding out in those plushy king sized sheets. 

Bed bugs are a real problem — 98% of hotels have some sort of ongoing bed bug treatment/prevention program

So when we put on our Nancy Drew sleuthing hat and magnifying glass, here's where we are looking:

The Bed

A bit of a no-brainer, but beyond just pulling the top sheets back, definitely lift up the sheets to check near the mattress seams at the corners, looking for any bugs, eggs, shed bed bug skins, or mysterious small stains. Also be sure to peer behind the headboards along the walls.

Wall Art

Connoisseurs of the art (maybe), the canvas of paintings are another hiding place for bed bugs. 

Couches, Chairs, and Other Fabric Furniture

Bed bugs love a good fabric, and specifically things with cracks and crevices, like those little button holes on sofas. 

Luggage Racks

Luggage racks can be feeding grounds for bed bugs, so before stacking your suitcase for the week, check the rack for any signs of bed bugs. 

Don't forget checking for bed bugs on the way home. To prevent unwanted visitors in your home, be sure to wash all of your clothes immediately and spray down your suitcase — we recommend spraying before coming home, even if just outside your door. Society's travel bed bug spray is perfect for this. Members can get this for $5.


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