The Travel Product You Aren’t Bringing But Need To

The Travel Product You Aren’t Bringing But Need To

It still may be a feat of pure skill to pack our luggage to 49.7 lbs every time, but who's to say it might not be a good idea to downsize? We got just the idea to shave a few pounds off your toiletries. Ladies and gentlemen, the myth, the legend, castile soap. 

What is Castile Soap?

At the heart of every soap, is a good fat. Strange, right? All soaps are made from fat, but instead of the typical animal fats that most soaps are made from, castile soap is made from vegetable oils. 

Society’s Castile Soap is formulated with organic saponified oils like coconut, jojoba, and olive. It comes concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way (like a really long way).  

All Purpose Cleaner

If you’re a germaphobe like us, sometimes you just might want to do a little extra wipe-down on the bathroom counter. 

Stain Removal

Picture this, you’re on a first date and you made a rookie two-hit combo mistake of both wearing white, and ordering spaghetti. Yikes. Instead of pumping half the dispenser worth of that restroom hand foamer into your shirt, a few drops of castile soap will do the trick. 


Stains are one thing, laundry is another. Castile soap is great to use as a detergent. We recommend around 5 drops if washing by hand, and around 30 drops if washing by machine. 

Facial Cleanser, Body Wash, Shampoo

Because it’s made of all plant oils, castile soap actually works as an excellent soap for personal care. It’s gentle and leaves your skin squeaky clean. Did we mention a little goes a long way? Right, when you’re using it on yourself, just a drop will do. 

Dishwashing Soap

Bringing a reusable water bottle on trips is great until a few days in and it gets a bit nasty. Luckily a little of castile soap will do the trick. 


For all of these reasons, we created a travel-friendly, 2 oz castile liquid soap in all the good scents, pine, peppermint, unscented, and lavender. 

Get the Society travel friendly castile soap for $2.50.

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