MicrobēRx UVC Plug In Phone Sanitizer Light
MicrobēRx UVC Plug In Phone Sanitizer Light

MicrobēRx UVC Plug In Phone Sanitizer Light

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Germs and viruses practically live and breed everywhere. Your phone, iPad, keyboard, door handles, ATM screen, paper bills, coins, and so much more. Complement frequent handwashing with disinfecting germ-prone surfaces using this Mobisan Mobile Plug-In UV Sanitizer Light. It simply plugs to any phone or device with Type-C charging port and kills 99.9% of disease-causing microbes in less than 10 seconds. Very portable at 3" long, you can take this UV light anywhere and sanitize on the go.

Germs and viruses are nearly on every surface - your phone, door handles, keys, ATM screen, keypad, paper bills, coins, elevator buttons, shopping carts, just to name a few. With Microbē's UVC Sanitizer Light, you can disinfect on the go, no wet wipe required. 

  • Disinfects any surface in 10 seconds
  • Lightweight & easy to carry in pocket or purse
  • Easily plugs into any Type-C device
  • Perfect to use for elevator buttons, restaurant utensils, door handles & other germ-prone objects
WARNING: Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin. Do not look directly at them during use, do not point the device toward people, animals, or plants. Keep away from children.